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What Are The Best Ways To Market Swimming Lessons?

October 18, 2022
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It’s a Mixture of Physical and Digital Marketing Whether you’re looking to start a swim school or you’re already set up and looking to increase class registrations, marketing is going to be a priority for you. We have a lot of good news for you. First, it’s relatively easy to increase class registrations if youRead more

How to Become a Swimming Coach

October 4, 2022
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What Does it Take to Become a Competitive Swimming Coach For some people, it’s the thrill of competing in front of a world audience for a chance to win the gold medal that motivates them, but not everyone involved in professional sports is in it for the spotlight. Behind every successful athlete is a coachRead more

Older Olympic Swimmers Who Started Later In Life

September 23, 2022
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Most professional swimmers find their love for the sport during swim lessons as early as seven years old, like Michael Phelps. However, not all Olympic swimmers come out of the womb with a swim cap attached to their heads. Some athletes take time to acquire the passion and motivation to compete at such a strenuousRead more

Is it Worth Becoming a Professional Swimmer?

September 14, 2022
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What Does Swimming at a Professional Level Mean to You? At the beginning of your swimming career, it was likely all fun and games. Swimming programs were about splashing with your friends and cooling off from the boiling sun. You might have had chicken fights at the end of your swim lessons or created anRead more

How Hard Is it to Become an Olympic Swimmer?

August 14, 2022
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What it Takes Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist?  Being put on this pedestal for the entire world to admire requires a true passion for the sport and a special kind of determination to commit to the constant training required to compete. Most people fall short. We don’t mean to discourageRead more


July 19, 2022
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If you want to compete at an elite level, you’ll need to perfect the king of strokes, Freestyle. Also known as the Front Crawl, no other motion in the pool has the  same level of body efficiency and speed. Although many swimming competitions allow athletes to use any style they want, the overwhelming majority ofRead more


June 19, 2022
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Make the Most out of Pool Time this Summer Raise your hand if you’re excited about Summer! We’re all looking forward to warm weather, outdoor gatherings, and barbeques. Do you know what else Summer’s good for? Working on your swimming stroke! SwimMirror is a polished aluminum surface you lay on the bottom of your pool.Read more


June 15, 2022
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People are using their spending power more wisely than ever. With the price of gas and groceries skyrocketing recently, deciding how to spend those hard-earned dollars has become increasingly more important. Mom and dad are trying to get the biggest bang for their buck, and that includes where they’ll be choosing to sit poolside orRead more


May 15, 2022
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After nine long months of early bedtimes and hours of classwork, kids can finally pack their notebooks away and enjoy the Summer. However, if your children are interested in joining the swim team when the vacation ends, you might want to reconsider letting them morph into couch potatoes for the next couple of months. ARead more

Why Competitive Swimming Training Needs Swimmirror

April 13, 2022
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If you’re involved in competitive swimming, you know how difficult it can be to tweak your stroke. The repetition of years of practice makes it tough to change your body mechanics, and the smallest adjustments can be the difference between a win or a loss.   Input from coaches is helpful, but analyzing a swimmer’sRead more