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Swimming Habits

Water Safety Guide for Parents

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How to Practice Water Safety with Your Child With May being National Water Safety Month and summer around the corner, it’s important to freshen up on water safety tips to ensure safe and happy swimming. According to the 2018 report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, drowning is the #1 unintentional cause of deathRead more

4 Essential Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Swim

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Get amazing benefits from learning swimming early on! Water safety is an important topic, and while there are many reasons that we believe swimming is a valuable lifelong skill, we at SwimMirror came up with our own list of 4 essential reasons your child should learn to swim! Read on to learn what they are.Read more

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Swimming | SwimMirror

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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Swimming Discover the science of the top health benefits of swimming! Any swimmer knows that they get a great work out during swim practice, but do you know some of the top five health benefits of swimming?   Whether you are a competitive swimmer or just looking to becomeRead more

How to Improve Your Butterfly Stroke in 5 Steps

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Get a Faster and Smoother ‘Fly with SwimMirror Secret: knowing how to improve your butterfly stroke with a pool mirror is a lot easier than actually making the improvement. That’s because butterfly doesn’t just focus on technique, but also on building strong muscles. Still, knowledge is power, and the first step of getting better atRead more

Why Good Pre-Swim Nutrition is Essential to Great Swimming

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Get Our Top 3 Tips for How to Eat Healthy Before You Swim! While using a pool mirror can help your swimming go from good to great, there’s another key aspect to your success as an athlete: good nutrition. It’s true, you really are what you eat! If you keep up with Olympic swimmers, thisRead more