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Swimming Technology: Unveiling The Technological Revolution In The Pool

April 14, 2024
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Swimming technology has been making waves since the first Olympic event in the Mediterranean Sea in 1896. The advancements from electric timing to game-changing swimwear have propelled professional performance, reshaping competitive swimming into a tech-savvy sport. Today, the integration of data analytics and virtual reality into training regimens signals a technological revolution in the pool,Read more

Swimming Starts And Turns: Techniques Used By Professionals

April 3, 2024
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In the competitive world of swimming, mastering non-swimming skills like starts and turns is vital—these techniques can account for 15-40% of the total racing time, highlighting their importance for professionals. With the right approach to swimming starts and turns, swimmers can significantly optimize their performance, turning fractions of seconds into triumphs. This article delves intoRead more

Dryland Training is Important for Any Swimmer & Here’s Why

September 15, 2019
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Competitive swimming is vigorous – there is no doubt about that. Long grueling hours training in the pool, a strict 12,000 calorie diet, traveling to meets on the weekends and numerous personal sacrifices are the building blocks of Olympic swimming champions like Rowdy Gaines and Amanda Beard.   Any swimmer or coach will tell youRead more

How to Fix Your Freestyle Technique with SwimMirror

February 28, 2019
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Tips for posture, line, and balance So, you’ve got a SwimMirror and you’re eager to freestyle in the pool! But you’re probably wondering: what are some neat tricks I can do with SwimMirror? How can it help me fix my technique? Read on for some age-old tips and tricks from the pros for effective freestyling.Read more